Wife Writing would like to give you ASPEN!!

Apsen (not her REAL name though) works ina small office for her husbands insurance company. She does the book keeping by day and gets to leave early most every day. Why you ask? Sometimes she tells her husband that she's going shopping, or getting her nails done, or needs to clean the house like a wife should. But what she really means when she gives those excuses, is that she wants some black ding dong. She has a few black booty calls that she can ring up and have sent to her house. When she is feeling extra naughty she will let the afro man write on her. They write all sorts of degrading shit on her. Like "no whites" or "I only want it black"... you get the point. This ups the exoticness factor by atleast 10 heheh. What if her husband came back home early one day and catches Aspen? I think that's what she secretly hopes for but she would never tell you that. The thrill of getting caught is always a big turn on. And in some cases, husbands that catch their significant other fucking a stranger isn't as big of a deal as you would think. In fact, some men get extremely turned on by this. What's the reason? I don't know. Maybe seeing someone else giving their wife what they can't give them is the big factor. Maybe they're just super horny and their spouse won't give them any nookie, so watching someone else take it is the next best thing. You decide... and think about it, which hubby are you? The one that gets mad, or the one that cheers her on! ;)

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Aspen loves writting on herself


I'm sure you haven't had your fill of Aspen yet, and I KNOW that Aspen hasn't had her fill of black men yet. So that should make both of you happy. She keeps sending in videos or pictures or better yet, BOTH of her and her latest cheating ways. And more times than not, she's covered in ink, and I don't mean tattoos. I mean markers, paint, graffiti you know that sort of thing. But there is only one place to get all os her stuff, and I have mentioned it enough times already here, so if you don't know by now, you prolly never will. Be sure to check out Leah getting written on, or Trinity! Don't forget there's always more where that came from!


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