Wife Writing and Gia Paloma, what a combo!!

Gia Paloma is a pretty famous porno actress. I had the pleasure of meeting her once. And I asked her what it is she loves to do when she's not infront of a camera. She tole me she likes to fuck. I asked her if she has ever filmed herself having sex with anyone and she laughed and asked me which time. After a few more back and forth questions, she told me to check out this movie she sent into a website. She couldn't remember the name of it, but after some heavy searching I found it. She sent in a video of her cheating on her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is a successful white entrapenuer and thinks that Gia just goes to school at the local Community College. LOL. What a dope. What he doesn't know is this... Gia is a porn star. While he knows she likes to fuck and she's a horny little devil, he doesn't know he shares his future bride with anonoymous negros. And more times than not, it's unprotected sex, just like the freebies I posted here. Either way, it's our gain. Gia gets written on, and pounded by multiple men while hubby is out making money for her to spend. It's what's happened all over the world. 50% of marriages end in divorce. Wanna know why? Cause a 4inch white penis can't fill their wives' pussy. Go figure.. UPDATE!!! I found out that GIA has been interviewd on a porn blog here.

Gia Paloma Pic 1

Another big pic of Gia Paloma


Gia Paloma pic 3


If you have been looking through the site you will have notice that I give a little speil here about the site. Let me talk about how much I loved Gia. This scene is super hot. Maybe I like it so much becuase I got the chance to meet Gia. She has huge tits now. They're stunning in person, even though she was clothed when I met her. Maybe it's because her lips and eyes are the sexiest that I have seen in all my wears of being a porn fan... maybe it's just because her love for dick, any color, is truely amazing. I don't know what it is exactly, but there is something about Gia that has me hooked. Let me excuse my self for about 5 minutes............ ahhh thanks, that's much better. Be sure to see , or Cierra get tagged! Don't forget there's always more where that came from!


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