Avy is a very hot latina lover. Porteguese is her first language. How do I know you ask? Well I do. She speaks it during this scene. Whenever she's about to reach climax she speaks in tounges... or Porteguese. And there is no easier way to hear her scream sweet spanish nothing than by giving her a big one to fill her pussy. Let me give you a little more background on Avy. She's 20 here, and engaged to be married to a Latin business tycoon. She will be his trophy wife. But what he doesn't know is when he off to Columbia for a business meeting, the ghetto bros come over to his house to plug his trophy wife full of black seed. Avy got so much into it in fact that she taped herself doing it a few times. And what you're seeing here is one of those tapes. Things get so out of control that Avy wants to show her love of their black dongs by writing all sorts of perverted things on her body. The black guys jump in on this too. They want her hubby to know that Avy prefers black dick to his... and what wife wouldn't. So they write things on her like "No White Allowed" "Black Cock Only" "Black Seed Hole"... those types of things. But this time they did it in permanent marker. Avy gets mad at first, but then realizes that she secretly wants her fiance to know. She wants the world to know that she is a little black cock whore. 8/10 wifes are, that's a fact jack. And out of those, 4 could be convinced to write sweet perverted nothings all over their bodies to show the world exactly what it is they love.

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Aspen loves writting on herself


If I could write this is Avy native language I would. She makes me want to go back to school and re-take all my failed foreign language classes again. Just so if I eve got to meet her I could say something to her that would make her want to marry me. But if we did get married, does that mean she would cheat on me with random black dudes? Would I allow my wife to be written on? I'm not sure. I have never shared a woman before, but who knows, there is a first time for everything. Here's some more of Free Wife Writing Aspen, or Trinity! Don't forget there's always more where that came from!


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