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Sophia is seriously a sex freak. How do I know this? Well I know Sophia. She's a nice girl, as nice as girls can be really. Sure she has her bitchy times, but who doesn't? I have heard some stories of Sophia's personal life that would blow you away. But I can't tell them here publically, she would kill me. But Sophia is married. And Sophia DOES like having relations with black dudes. And Sophia's husband doesn't know about most of these sex acts. He most certaintly doesn't know that the blackies write all over Sophia. And they write gnarly shit. If you take a look at what some of the casual IR fans are saying, they are offended by the shit that was written on Sophia. The Mr. Marcus site has a thread talking about how it's TOO hardcode, it's too degrading... but everyone was saying that about sites like SpringThomas, or BlacksOnBlondes when it came out. They'll catch up to it soon. And if you are a true IR fan, then you wish that Sophia was YOUR wife and that she was cheating on you with some of the biggest black dicks in the world. That look on her face when a black dong slides up in her is something she will never do for you. Your "member" is much too small. I'm sure someone like Sophia's husband still has a hard time pleasing his wife. I bet he lets her callin the big guns when he's feeling a lil' insecure and wants his wife to be pleased sexually. Who knows? What I do know is that Sophia is hot, Sophia is on WifeWriting and Sophia can come over and suck me off when ever she pleases. I Love You Sophie.

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Sofia with cum mouth


Yes I really know Sophia. No you can't have her number, email address etc etc. You can worship her though by clicking on the links found on this page and signing up. She loves it when you do that. Or if you want to please her, send her a black man. You can send them UPS or FEDEx and they will deliver him right to her door. He needs to be well hung, black and have atleast one marker to write on her with. Oh and please send it during working hours so her husband will be away for a few hours. Some soap or cleaning fluid is optional since Sophie prolly doesn't care if her Hubby finds out. She just doesn't want to share any sex time with him. Not a Sophie fan? Check out Gia's Wife Writing


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