If you are reading these in order, the last girl you saw was Sophia. And I told you about how I know Sophia. She knows me. It's awesome. But Madison is someone I have never met or seen in person. She's on my top 5 list for sure though. I mean look at her. There is no way I would ever guess someone like her is into cheating on her husband or doing black guys. And you couldn't convince me with 1 million dollars that she would let some dude write "black owned" on her forehead and then suck said guy off. When I look into her crystal blue eyes, I see bunny rabbits and puffy clouds, not a mouth full of weiner and insane shit written on her body. Back to the point. Here is Madison taking care of business whi;e her husband is away. Yes, she is married (maybe not after she did this). She sent this movie into DogFart when they put up their ad for "Send us your homemade porn and we will pay you lots of money" advertising. Some of their craziest shit has come from that ad. And there is shit in there that is so crazy it will never see the light of day. The whole wife writing concept is something that, until recently, fell into that category. Movies like Madison's are so off the hook that it's legally dangerous to show it. But since we're about to have another democrat as president, I'm sure they felt like taking a chance is worth it. And I'm glad. There isn't anything out there like this. First of all they only take girlfriends, fiance's and wifes... if you're single, they don't want your movies. Then they hook up girls with some of the biggest dicks in the world... and they're all black too. Next throw in a marker and some hand writing, and BOOM you have the most original IR site going these days.

Madison Monroe Wife

Madison with writing


Madison Monroe Wife Writing

Take a look at Madison for god's sake!

So you have heard my rant about Madison and how hot she is... not even hot. More like cute. Girl from 12th grad english class cute. The smart one that never would talk to me LOL. I'm done, no more gushing over Madison.


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